Adam Memorial Fund


Courage is a word we have long associated with Adam. Over and over again, friends and family have spoken of his courage.

Adam’s transition wasn’t one of solitude, but one which invited so many to witness both his struggles and his victories. He openly shared his intimate thoughts and feelings with the world. Everyone he met was welcome to call him friend.

One of Adam’s challenges in life was epilepsy, which slowed his transition. Following a very successful brain surgery, Adam was feeling more confident than ever that his life was turning around, and that he would be able to pursue gender reassignment more swiftly. Tragically, he suffered a seizure and drowned before that was possible.


Adam Daniel Prashaw (born Rebecca Danielle Adam Prashaw) died Sunday, January 24, 2016.  He was 22 years old.

Just as he gave freely of himself in life, Adam chose to donate his organs to give the gift of hope and joy to those in need. As we work to find our way out of this dark place of sorrow, the light of his continuous generosity lifts our spirits. No longer alone, four other families are now hugging and crying out of joy, and their tears join ours; thanks to Adam.

Adam was a proud and outspoken member of the transgender community. He lived on social media, was a Batman aficionado, adored Carey Price and the Montreal Canadiens. His complete and utter lack of judgement toward others from any walk of life was one of his truly remarkable traits; his super power was to allow us to see people the way he did, with love and acceptance.

Adam, you leave a void in our lives which can never be filled. We hope to fulfill your legacy in supporting the LGBTQ community. On behalf of Adam’s family and friends, thank you for your donations and support.


To make a donation to Gender Mosaic in memory of Adam, please visit:

*note:  Funds raised in memory of Adam will benefit Ottawa-Gatineau’s Gender Mosaic.

Gender Mosaic is a trans* social & support group. It was founded in 1988 and offers a safe, fun, supportive and non-judgemental environment where transgender people of all ages are free to express their identity. Our members achieve personal growth by developing positive relationships with like-minded individuals and other members of the community. With the synergy of volunteer efforts and teamwork from our valued members, we wish to empower members of our community and the community at large through educational and outreach activities. We are open to all, including  friends, family, and community supporters.

**note: This fund has no monetary goal or target amount set and will remain available to receive donations at the discretion of Gender Mosaic and as directed by Adam’s family.

***note: Regardless of donation method, please note that we are unable to issue tax receipts.

Thank you.